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Pro Haze Machine Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire

Haze Machine Hire

Entourage Professional Tour Grade Hazer

Hire A Haze Machine in Leeds & throughout Yorkshire

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Haze Machine Hire

Haze machines are a great alternative to Smoke machines in that they produce translucent particles not white ones which smoke machines do, this enables light beams to sine brightly whilst not affecting overall viability like a smoke machine will do.

Our Entourage Pro Hazer is ideal for small/medium venues and is still able to cope with large venues using it’s high output settings.

  • Portable 1500Watt tour grade hazer
  • Comes in a solid flightcase
  • Uses traditional water based fog solution (cheaper to run)
  • Heating time of only 45 seconds
  • Output of up to 425 cubic meters per min.
  • LCD display with timer function
  • 3 DMX modes: 1, 2 or 4 channels
  • External tank hold 5.6 LTs
  • 3 and 5 Pin DMX inputs & outputs
  • Power Con Input
  • Weight 21.3KG
Professional Hazer Hire Leeds

Professional Hazer Hire

Haze Machine Rental

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