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Smoke Machine Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire

Smoke Machine Hire - Leeds, Bradford & Yorkshire

Hire A Smoke Machine (Vertical Foggers & Horizontal Foggers)

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Smoke Machine Hire

Elation AV have many types of Smoke Machine available to hire. We have small units ideal for house parties up to Arena sized machines.

Our hire smoke machines are manufactured by Martin, Chauvet and American DJ, the Martin, Chauvet and American DJ range are the ones we usually hire out due to their reliability.

All our hire machines come with a full tank of fluid and will last a full nights use, if you need any more fluid this can be supplied for an additional charge.

The spec of our smoke machines are as follows:

  • Martin Magnum 2000 - 700 m3/min continuous fog output
  • Chauvet Arena 2100 Flex - 30,000 CFM / 180 deg tilt
  • Chauvet Hurricane 1600 - 25,000 CFM
  • Chauvet Hurricane 1300 - 20,000 CFM
  • American DJ Fog Fury Jett Pro - 40,000 CFM

(CFM - Cubic feet per minute)

1600 watt smoke machine hire

Chauvet Hurricane 1600 Smoke Machine

horizontal and vertical smoke machine rental

Chauvet 2100 Flex Smoke Machine

Hire vertical smoke machines

Fog Fury Jett Pro

Fog Fury Jett Pro - 40,000 CFM - Can be hung upside down

smoke machine hire

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