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Club atmosphere

Are you having an 18th / 21st or simply want a party with that club atmosphere? If you are then Elation AV can help you create just that. With our extensive availability of some of Leeds’s biggest named DJs at the moment, coupled with our state of the art equipment, you will actually believe you are in a super club.

Pick the venue or let us create it!

Elation AV can offer two solutions, let you pick the venue and then we will kit it out with additional sound reinforcement, state of the art lighting, DJ equipment etc. as required OR we can actually create a 'club' in any venue or hall using our trussing system which we then use black drape surge cloth to completely black it out, all the equipment then goes in and once finished you will actually believe you are in a club in town.

No event is too large or too small for us and we can cater for everything from lights held on a T-Bar to a fully trussed out club rig.

Elation AV playing & supplying equipment for Liv N Hans Mint 16th
Leeds Club Night
John Tankard (TJay) playing at K2/Blast in keighley
BrBs Club in Leeds - We supplied the sound & lighting & DJ
Call credit sound & lighting equipment along with the DJ