Hire Multicore with Stagebox in Leeds

Elation AV - Analogue & Digital Multicore Hire

Muticore Hire with Stage Box

Elation AV - Multicore Hire Leeds

Rent Multicore Stagebox Snake - 10mts, 15mts, 20mts, 30mts - Yorkshire

Heavy Duty Audio Analogue & Digital Ethersound Multicore Snakes on Reel

Analogue Multicore Snake with Stagebox for Hire in Leeds

We have a variety of audio Multicore snakes available with Stagebox to hire at Elation AV. Our audio multi cores come supplied on a reel for the larger lengths whereas the smaller lengths come supplied in a flight case.

All our Multicore’s come supplied with a Stagebox for easy connection to the Bands equipment. Probably our most hired Multicore is our 30 MT 40 way, 32 in / 8 out with Stagebox, this comes supplied on a reel and is ready to use.

Elation AV - Analogue Multicore Hire Leeds
Proel Analogue Snake - 32 In / 8 Out

Information about our 32/8 Multicore:

40 way 32 in 8 out audio multi core Stagebox snake cable 30m.

40 way (32 inputs 8 outputs) 30m length audio multi core Stagebox snake cable for multi-way signal transmission between stage and mixer.

EBN3208 Multicore cables with lightweight Stagebox with printed circuit ensures high contact reliability and low weight. The Proel multi-core cable Stagebox has high quality metal XLR connectors with gold-plated contacts. The fantail Multicore has cable mount connections protected by PVC jackets and wired with XLR metal connectors and contact earth.

Cable length : 30 MT (98.430 ft)
Inputs : 32 XLR
Outputs (returns): 8 XLR
Stagebox: Metal

Digital Stagebox

Elation AV - SD16 Digital Stagebox Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire
SD16 Digital Stagebox - 16 Midas Combi XLR/Jack Preamps / 8 XLR Outputs

Rent Klark Teknik Digital Multicore - 50mts & 80mts

Elation AV - Digital Multicore CAT5e Hire
Klark Teknik 50mt Digital Multicore - Ideal For Our Digital Desks

Orginal ultra-rugged and highly flexible Neutrik* etherFLEX Cat5e cable. The KLARK TEKNIK NCAT5E-50M is exclusively designed utilising Neutrik and Schill components, ensuring dependable performance whenever CAT5 based connections are required for mobile pro audio applications. Its ruggedised etherFLEX cable with etherCON connectors ideally lends itself to medium and long cable runs of AES50, Dante, EtherSound, CobraNet, AVB audio networking or general purpose Ethernet remote control.FlexibilityThe EtherFLEX ruggedised cable structure includes 4 pairs of stranded wires AWG 26, able to withstand repeated flexing and stress much better than solid wires. The wires are surrounded by conductive foil and additional braided shielding for consistently high rejection ratios against EMI, RF and ESD. Its inner FRNC jacket is separated from the rugged outer FLEX PUR jacket by a thin layer of talc powder, for improved cable handling properties. But the NCAT5E-50M is not only flexible in terms of its superior mechanical properties - it also can be deployed in many situations. If a single 50 m run is not sufficient, you can extend two cables to 100 m using the optional Neutrik NE8FF connector. Simply unwind the cable from the drum. If you need AES50 connections exceeding the typical 100 metre limit of CAT5 Ethernet, KLARK TEKNIK's DN9610 Extenders or DN9620 Repeaters provide a very cost effective solution. Drum SpooledWe consider Schill cable drums a de facto industry standard for European pro audio cable drums. The unbreakable synthetic rubber material is as strong and resilient as steel, but more durable and much lighter in weight. The speciality material can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +70°C and is resistant to chemicals, oils and petrol. The integrated adjustable break stops any inadvertent drum rotation. A 2m cable length is wound on the auxiliary spool for easily connecting the drum to the mixing console. Rubber caps on both etherCON connectors cover terminals during setup and transport and hook-and-loop fasteners secure cable ends during transportation.

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Equipment Deposit & ID checks

Due to the nature of the equipment being hired out, a cash deposit may be required for the hire, ID checks will also be performed.

Along with the deposit, three forms of ID will be required, one must be a UK driving license, one a UK passport (6 months remaining) and the other a household utility bill dated within the last 3 months. For Pioneer hire ID must be sent through 3 working days before the requested hire date so ID and security checks can be performed. Payment can only be made through bank transfer in the name of the hirer and the ID supplied must match that person. If you require clarification on the above please ask at the time of ordering.

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