Co2 - Dry Ice Machine Hire - Leeds & Yorkshire

Elation AV - Co2 - Dry Ice Machine Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire

Dry Ice Machine Hire - Dancing On A Cloud - Ideal for a wedding's first dance

Don’t forget we have live mixers along with Multicore hire available

The  Dry Ice Effect

Our Dry Ice Machine hire in Leeds is available to rent for weddings, parties, corporate events, in fact anywhere where a low lying fog is required.

The Co 2 machine (referred to as dry ice) is most commonly used in weddings for the first dance, an effect known as dancing on a cloud.

The dry ice effect on one fill usually lasts for around 5 minutes and takes approximately 1 hour to get to temperature, this can be cut to half an hour if the venue has plenty of power available around where the machine will be situated.

For that extra special effect, the dry ice can be lit by using our range of event uplighting. By adding Uplighting to the dry ice a nice subtle colour effect is obtained. Enquire for more details.

Elation AV - Co2 - Dry Ice Machine To Hire in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire
Hire Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machine

Elation AV do not stock or sell the 9mm dry ice pellets that our hire machines use. We only hire the machine. We recommend you buy your Dry Ice Pellets from Dry Ice UK

For a Wedding first dance our machines take 10KG of 9mm dry ice pellets which will give a run time of approx 5-6 minutes.
The machine takes 10KG but we recommend you purchase 20KG for a first dance as approximately 3-5KG of dry ice will be lost due to sublimation.

Lighting Dry Ice

Elation AV - Dry Ice Machine For Hire
Elation AV - Lighting Dry Ice

Equipment Deposit & ID checks

Due to the nature of the equipment being hired out, a cash deposit may be required for the hire, ID checks will also be performed.

Along with the deposit, three forms of ID will be required, one must be a UK driving license, one a UK passport (6 months remaining) and the other a household utility bill dated within the last 3 months. For Pioneer hire ID must be sent through 3 working days before the requested hire date so ID and security checks can be performed. Payment can only be made through bank transfer in the name of the hirer and the ID supplied must match that person. If you require clarification on the above please ask at the time of ordering.

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